I strongly believe that businesses can be built to profitably solve the problems we face in this world and create sustainable solutions.

V3 Private Capital

I co-founded V3 with my wife (Landi) to invest in ventures that share our vision, believes and values. We have proudly invested in a number of impact investments over the years.

Grovation Group

I co-founded the Grovation Group with my wife, Landi, to assist businesses to better solve their client's and the world's problems. Grovation is a boutique consulting business focusing on the unlisted non-government sector.

The BaaT Network

My vision is to create a global network of people who believe in the BaaT philosophy. People who are practicing this philosophy on a daily basis in their business. People who inspire others to create impact at a profit, people who wants to make the world a better place.


I founded MyRhinos as a vehicle to counter rhino poaching through rhino investments and to ultimately repopulate Africa with rhinos. Generating a return on the investment for all stakeholders involved, which include governments, investors and the local community.

The Impakt Fund

I founded the Impakt Fund to invest in for profit businesses with a mission to solve the world's problems to create lasting impact.
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